Wuhan Orchid Shore Sales Gallery

A DESIGN RESPONSE to the oppressively hot and humid summers of Wuhan (commonly known as one of the Four Furnaces of China) landscape is manifested in architecture to create spaces that support a cooler micro-climate. 

Due to the harsh climatic conditions, the Sales Gallery was designed to be lifted up to create a shaded piazza to encourage outdoor enjoyment of the gardens and community activities such as mass dancing and group
exercises throughout the day. It also serves as an observation deck to
facilitate the enjoyment of the landscape designed for all seasons.

Seeking to integrate the surrounding greenery as part of architecture, the interiors of the gallery is an extension of the gardens, by inviting the greenery into the building. Acting as a greenhouse, a micro-climate is created internally, allowing for gardens to happen within, allowing for users to experience landscapes on different levels.

At the end of its lifespan as a Sales Gallery, the building will be converted
into a clubhouse to be re-purposed for the residents of the development.