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The Co. @ Duxton / charm of yesteryear





Artefacts were carefully presented such as bookends, desk globe and reading lamps, serving as soft decorative elements. Mid-century inspired furniture are sourced and upholstered to add to the eclectic charm. The space aims to put together the charm of yesterday with a touch of contemporary.

Communal dialogue takes place on the second floor with two sets of loungers and a pantry forming a central space. Loose furniture are employed to retain flexibility of an open space for special events. Indoor plants bring life to the interior, while airwells capitalise daylight for the common areas. A series of workspace from private to semiprivate are created. Semi private spaces come in the form of individual booths with customized screens. The obscured ribbed glassscreen provides privacy without cutting daylight. It also borrows light from corridors and nearby windows and openings,creating a cosy yet brightly lit spot for productivity. With the dynamic mix of ethnicity and nationalities among the clientele, every interior element becomes an eclectic mix choreographed to share the same dynamism of its users. The fluidity contributes to the lifestyle of The Co.@Duxton as a non- static and transient environment, designed to grow and evolve.



A CO-WORKING SPACE spanning the 2 upper floors of a cluster of 3-storey shop-house at the foot of Duxton Hill, the historical reference of Duxton Hill draws a pre-war charm, bringing context to how the spaces should be designed and represented. The original elements of a shop-house are celebrated to enhance its historical context, such as exposed timber structure and ornate details, acting as a framework for the interior elements.  


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