Open House 

IN INCREASINGLY URBANISED and dense Singapore, low-rise dwellings have become increasingly introverted. Open House attempts to celebrate the outdoors by blurring boundaries, extending the exteriors into interiors within a narrow strip of land. 

The house is framed by two party-walls with programmatic spaces arranged within the resultant “open” space. The party-walls encourage openness while providing privacy and connectivity to the exteriors.

 In bringing the outdoor views into the interiors, spaces such as the lofty indoor pool is perceived to be outdoors. Spaces at every level are staggered to maximize openness to strategically located pool, balconies, voids and lush greenery at the pubic garden at the house rear. The day-lit inner atriums between the two party-walls create connections throughout the house. An amplifier of sounds, family members can easily talk across the floors or hear what is going on around. The pool is also visually connected to all levels.