EDL Experience Gallery 


A SHOWCASE OF the collaborative spirit and a celebration of materials - the togetherness of its divisions paves an inspiring spatial journey that encourages exploration to uncharted grounds, paving for future breakthroughs. This space is alike a story in which each chapter – a physical and visual division – elaborates on a different component of the laminate story.

Conceptualized as a platform to share design aspirations and to promote design discourse apart from housing a laminate library. The design of the space is akin to creating art and gardens. It is imagined to be a journey through a “secret garden”, where there is a heightened sense of discovery and uncovering.
The journey through the various zones is carefully choreographed to create visual dialogues between them. The content as illustrated or experienced in each zone is planned like chapters of a book where each is individually a showcase of a particular aspect of the laminate story, forming collective narratives of a story: the Woods, the Library, the House, the Boutique, the Bar, the Market, the Pod.